Company History

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Company History

For more than 60 years, Bob Evans Farms has been delivering farm-fresh goodness — delicious, quick-to-table farm-fresh foods that are sold in grocery stores all over the country.

Today, we are proud to be the #1 selling refrigerated dinner sides, including many varieties of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and Oven Bake dinner sides.* We’re also a leading producer and distributor of over 60 varieties of sausage and bacon products, frozen handheld breakfast items, and other convenience foods.

Our success is built on the basics: high-quality, great-tasting, quick-to-table food, carefully made to meet the needs of today’s busy families. We do all the washing, peeling, seasoning and cooking, so you can enjoy extra mealtime with your family and spend less prep time in the kitchen.

* SOURCE: IRI Total US MULO Latest 52 W/E 3/25/18. IRI classifies Bob Evans side dishes, including mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, as “refrigerated dinner sides.”


Bob Evans Farms is constantly improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact at our manufacturing facilities, transportation center, and corporate campus. We partner with our suppliers to purchase products that are energy efficient, sustainably manufactured, and environmentally safe

Food Product Initiatives


  • We are always reviewing environmentally friendly cartons, packaging materials, and master cases to increase the sustainability of the products (e.g., bio-degradable plastic, compostable packaging/trays, etc.).
  • We are reducing packaging size and gauge where possible.

Plant facilities

  • Inedible organics are sold or donated for further use.
  • Ammonia refrigeration compressor systems updated with variable speed drives reducing electric usage by 30%.
  • High dispersion evaporative condenser spray nozzles improve ammonia condensation and lower electric usage.
  • Direct-fired hot water heating systems drop natural gas usage 22%.
  • Lighting systems updated with energy-efficient lights reducing electric usage by 30- 50%.
  • Plant systems reuse rinse water.
  • Special pallets are used to ship 80% of our products.


  • Tractors use Alternative Power Units (APUs) to heat or cool trailers while stopped. These units are diesel-powered and use 80% less fuel than earlier units.
  • Reduced tractor rear-end ratios 13% for improved fuel mileage.
  • Fleet vehicles equipped with the Flex Fuel option.

Corporate Campus Initiatives

LEED Gold Facility – Key LEED Category Point Awards

  • 20 – Energy and Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Performance, On-Site Renewable Energy
  • 12 – Sustainable Sites – Low-Emitting/Fuel-Efficient Vehicles, Parking Capacity
  • 11 – Indoor Environmental Quality – Daylight, Thermal Comfort, Increased Ventilation
  • 8 – Water Efficiency – Water-Use Reduction, Water-Efficient Landscaping
  • 6 – Innovation and Design Process – Energy Star Appliances, Green Cleaning
  • 5 – Materials and Resources – Recycled Content, Regional Materials
  • 4 – Regional Priority Credits

Waste Reduction and Reuse Programs

  • Combined Recycling – Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic
  • Food Donations to Local Harvest Program
  • Organic Waste Collection for Composting

Animal Well-Being

Bob Evans Farms has always been committed to assuring the responsible care of animals that provide food products for our customers.

  • Engage and work closely with three internationally respected animal well-being experts to serve on animal well-being advisory committee.
  • Require all suppliers to submit their animal care and welfare policies to Bob Evans and their compliance with our animal care standards on an annual basis.
  • Committed to providing 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2025.
  • Work with internationally renowned expert on animal stockyards to ensure humane handling in our facilities.

Our Farm Salutes

Bob Evans Farms is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Heroes to CEOs contest

On April 29, 2020 three finalist participated in the virtual event and pitched their entrepreneurial ideas to our judges. Nancy Preston was awarded the top prize of $30,000 for her business—Milk Money Kitchens, an Impact Entrepreneurship in Manhattan that creates small food business owners and further develops them into food CEOs.

The other two finalists Donald Todd and Cristina and Robert Moore, were also each awarded $10,000 business grants. You can read about all three amazing entrepreneurs below.

Bob Evans himself, was a veteran. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of his successful businesses. We are proud to honor him and support all who have served through the United States Armed Forces.

2020 Heroes to CEOs Winner

Born in South Korea and adopted, Nancy immigrated to the US with her new family to live in NYC. With a language barrier, Nancy’s mother worked many kitchen jobs all over town and sold kimchi and fried dumplings in church parking lots trying to make ends meet. Through her cooking, Nancy learned the power that can come from cooking and food entrepreneurship, which inspired Milk Money Kitchens today.

Nancy is a former US Army engineer turned founder and CEO of Milk Money Kitchens Inc. – a co-work commercial kitchen company where food entrepreneurs can rent a kitchen and launch or scale a business with less risk and more opportunities to succeed. Milk Money Kitchens is an Impact Entrepreneurship in Manhattan that creates small food business owners and further develops them into food CEOs. All of these efforts are to boost socio-economic mobility and create measurable economic value through food entrepreneurship.

2020 Heroes to CEOs Finalists

Cristina and Robert Moore have dedicated their lives to public service. With more than 23 years of military service each, they have many accomplishments that they are proud of. These include being a combat veteran of the Iraq War, receiving several graduate degrees, and being a combat veteran in Desert Storm and Afghanistan and much more.

Co-owned by husband and wife, Robert and Cristina Moore, Bronze Star Homes has developed a modular ramp for homes that will soon be sold through commercial outlets. The company is working toward their next goal of creating tiny homes for veterans and getting state certification for their designs and construction.

Donald Todd, Baby So Right

Baby So Right is a patented pacifier protection system created with baby safety and parent convenience in mind.

What makes Baby So Right unique is that it is the world’s first retracting pacifier holder that safely pulls dropped pacifiers into a holder before they ever touch the ground. It prevents contamination from germs and lost pacifiers.

Baby So Right was founded by a veteran with the goal of helping military spouses with small children manage a busy family schedule and prevent lost pacifiers.

The founder partnered with fellow Veterans who were dedicated to owning and operating their own business. This Veteran-owned business highlights the qualities and skills that service members possess, such as leadership, courage, and commitment to serving.

Baby So Right saves parents from the hassle of constantly having to stop what they’re doing to pick up and clean dropped pacifiers. Stop the drop with Baby So Right auto-retracting pacifier holders.

“Our mission is to create cutting-edge technological products that are safe and functional for making an impact in the quality of life of babies and small children.”

2020 Heroes to CEOs Previous Winners

Giving Back

Bob Evans Farms is a company with a lot of heart. Our spirit of giving began long ago with our founder, Bob Evans. His generosity and passion for helping others set the foundation for the work we do today.

It’s this real and heartfelt connection between our employees and their communities that makes the difference – it’s why we refer to these programs collectively as BE│KIND.

Our giving is based on four community pillars: health and wellness, food and nutrition, education and community. And as a community and family focused company, we give to many causes that impact families with children and the communities where they live.

About the Farm

Bob Evans, the founder of our company, lived on the Bob Evans Farm in southeastern Ohio for nearly 20 years. He and his wife, Jewell, raised their six children in the large brick farmhouse known as the Homestead. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Homestead was where the Evans family opened The Sausage Shop in their front yard, which later became the first Bob Evans restaurant. The spirit of hospitality is deeply embedded in our company’s history.

Now that Bob Evans Farms product offerings have expanded, so has our network of farms around the country. By integrating wise farming techniques with the latest technology, this vertically integrated system allows us to better serve our customers by providing readily available, top-quality products. Our refrigerated storage allows us to monitor and maintain the freshness of our products so that every one that leaves our facility carries the finest flavor and texture that our customers have come to expect.

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